Which Hospital Bed Is Right For Your Home?

Choosing a hospital bed for your home can be a complicated process with so many options and features to choose from. There are many options available on the market such as Manual Beds, Low Beds, Bariatric Beds, Semi-Electric Beds, and Full-Electric Beds. It can be difficult to know which bed is best suited for you or your loved one. When a patient leaves a hospital and requires homecare, typically the hospital is asked for recommendations and suggestions. This can be problematic as medical professionals tend to recommend products they are familiar with which are typically more advanced than the patient requires.This leads to patients and caregivers incurring extra costs when these advanced systems have problems that only medical professionals are trained to solve.


Buying a hospital bed does not have to be such a confusing process, and should only require answering a few basic questions. The first step to choosing a hospital bed is considering the age of the patient. If the patient is older it can often be difficult getting out of bed and there is a high risk of falling. A Low Bed offers the convenience of height adjustment and makes getting out of bed easier for the patient and caregiver.


The next question you must ask yourself is, can I or my loved one get in and out of bed alone? If yes, then a Semi-Electric Bed or a Low Hospital Bed would be your best choice. However, if assistance is required getting in and out of bed then a Full-Electric Bed is recommended along with a Pressure Redistribution Mattress. Pressure Redistribution Mattresses can help prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers.


There are many other factors to consider when trying to customize a bed for your home. We know that choosing a bed for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful task, though it shouldn’t be grueling. Home Care Hospital Beds offers many options for at home care whether it be hospital beds, hospital bed mattresses or other home care accessories.


If you would like additional help or reassurance that your choice is best suited for you or your patient, check out our Buying Guide or give us a call at 877-414-0002!