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How Hospital Beds for Home Can Help Prevent Falls

How Hospital Beds for Home Can Help Prevent Falls

Falls are the most common cause of injuries and deaths among seniors in the U.S., and even when they are not fatal, falls can have devastating consequences for older adults. Most falls tend to occur in the home so it’s important to create a safe environment for senior loved ones. And when it comes to fall prevention, you might not realize the importance of your loved one’s home care bed. Below we will explore some features to look for in hospital beds for home to help prevent your loved one from having a dangerous fall in the bedroom.

Hi-Low Hospital Beds

Since falls typically occur when a patient tries to get in or out of bed, it’s important to opt for a hi-low hospital bed. Hi-low hospital beds allow caregivers and patients to raise or lower beds to safe heights to reduce the risk and severity of injuries and falls.

Auto Contour Mechanism

Some home care beds have an auto contour mechanism that raises both the head and knee sections of the bed. This feature allows a person to safely stay in place when sitting upright to minimize the risk of falling.

Under Bed Lighting

A common cause for falls in the bedroom are tripping hazards and poor lighting. It’s important to look for a hospital bed for home that features under bed lighting that illuminates the surrounding floor space to create a clear and visible path in low light.

A backlit hand pendant is also a useful feature to look for to allow nighttime bed adjustments to be easier and safer by eliminating risk of getting out of bed in the dark to work bed controls.

Side Rails

Some home care beds have the option of adding side rails that can be raised or lowered as needed. Side rails help aid in users repositioning themselves, offer added balance when getting in and out of bed and can create a sense of comfort and security by reducing the risk of accidentally rolling or falling out of bed.

Floor Mats

You can also add an extra layer of safety and injury prevention to any bed with a fall mat. Fall mats are soft surfaces designed to provide maximum absorption and rebound to reduce the impact of a fall.

A HomeCare Hospital Beds Solution

We designed the Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed as a cost-effective solution for your loved ones who need a hospital bed for home. The Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed features height mobility options as low as 7” off the floor to 30” above the ground to reduce falls and patient injuries. The Lynacare also features auto contour, a central locking mechanism, under bed lighting, and a backlit hand pendant. And unlike most hospital beds for home that only offer side rails as an upgrade, side rails are not an extra cost with the Lynacare.

Learn more about the Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed here



Incorporating hospital beds for home for fall prevention is a proactive step toward ensuring the safety and well-being of our elderly loved ones. These beds are designed with features that not only reduce the risk of falls but also promote comfort and independence. When it is time to purchase a home hospital bed for yourself or a loved one, HomeCare Hospital Beds is here to help you. Our team will work with you to help you make an informed purchase that’s right for your needs, budget, and timeline. Call us today 877-414-0002 or email us at info@homecarehospitalbeds.com.


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