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HomeCare Hospital Beds – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Troubleshooting tips for your home hospital bed

Home hospital beds are valuable tools to keep loved ones at home during periods of recovery or illness. Should problems ever arise, there are troubleshooting options that caregivers can easily administer. This blog will describe some simple steps that you can take before calling a service technician to schedule a repair for your home hospital bed.


Q: Why is my home hospital bed making noises?

A: Motors within hospital beds normally make whirring sounds as they adjust the position of the bed. These sounds may become a little louder over time depending on how much the motors are used. Caregivers should check the instruction manual for the bed to see if lubricating oil should be applied to the motors. Loud squealing or grinding noises indicate that service is needed.


Q: What can I do if my home hospital bed doesn’t work?

A: First, move the bed away from the wall and remove any objects that may be blocking the movement of the bed. A loose plug is a common reason why bed motors stop working, so make sure that the plug fits securely into the outlet. You may want to plug the bed into a different outlet and check the fuse box or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Check the hand pendant and cord for damage and make sure that it is securely connected to the motor. Home hospital bed hand pendants can usually be replaced without having to call a technician.

Call 911 if you are trapped in the bed or require emergency assistance.


Q: How can I find someone to fix my home hospital bed?

A: Individuals should first contact their insurance company if the bed requires service by a technician. HomeCare Hospital Beds has a National Service Network of technicians that can perform in-home hospital bed service including installation, preventative maintenance and repairs. It is important to have the make and model number of the bed ready before reaching out for any type of service. HomeCare Hospital Beds does not work with insurance companies but individuals can use HRA, HSA or FSA funds to pay for preventative maintenance or repairs.


Final thoughts

Modern home hospital beds usually work like a dream, but simple troubleshooting can often save caregivers the cost of a service call. When professional repairs are needed, HomeCare Hospital Beds has a team of licensed technicians ready to provide in-home service for most types of hospital beds. Please call 877-414-0002 or email info@homecarehospitalbeds.com for more information and assistance.


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