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5 Things to Know About Suction Cup Grab Bars

suction cup grab bar

Are Suction Cup Grab Bars Safe?


If you are modifying a bathroom for a loved one, safety is a top concern. A simple addition to make your bathroom safer is to place suction cup grab bars near your shower or bath tub.

Here is a list of five things you should know about suction cup grab bars.

1. Indications

Suction cup grab bars can be placed in the bathroom to help loved ones maintain balance, especially when getting in and out of the shower or tub. Suction-mounted grab bars help provide stability and help balance after injury or minor surgery.

They may be placed vertically, inclined, or horizontally depending on the available space. Suction-mounted safety grab bars are easily removed and repositioned, allowing loved ones and caregivers to determine which location works best.

This makes them well suited for travel and apartments where grab bars may not be mounted permanently onto the wall.

suction cup grab bar

2. Precautions

Improper use of safety grab bars could lead to serious injury to loved ones and caregivers. Suction-mounted grab bars are not intended to support full body weight and should not be used as leverage for standing up from a seated position.

Fixed-mount grab bars should be mounted into wall studs if a loved one needs support to prevent falling after losing their balance. Suction cup grab bars should be used as a balance assist only.

suction cup grab bar on wall


3. Installation

Suction-mounted grab bars require no tools and leave no marks on walls after removal. Caution must be taken to apply them only to clean, dry, flat, non-porous surfaces.

They cannot be used on textured tile, drywall or painted surfaces. Wall tiles must be at least 4” x 4” to avoid placing suction cups over the grout lines.

Once the vacuum lever on the grab bar has been engaged, the safety indicator will show that a strong suction hold has been achieved. The grab bar must not be used unless it is securely attached to the wall.

suction cup grab bar indicator

4. Inspection

Suction-mounted grab bars should be checked before every use as the suction grip can weaken over time.

The grab bar must be removed and reattached if it becomes loose.

Serious injury could occur if the grab bar comes away from the wall during use. Suction-mounted grab bars will need to be replaced if a secure, airtight seal cannot be maintained.

suction cup grab bar

5. Maintenance

Caregivers must be sure to keep the suction cups free of oil and dust so that the grab bar will attach securely to the wall. Suction cups may be cleaned with soap and water as needed and dried thoroughly before use.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight and freezing temperatures will cause suction cups to lose their elasticity.

The grab bar must be replaced immediately if the suction cups show any signs of damage or deterioration.


suction cup grab bar close up


Final thoughts

Bathroom safety is very important to look out for with you or your loved ones. Suction cup grab bars are useful for helping assist balance in the bathroom with easy installation.

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